Vegan Brownie Bite Recipe

Rating: ★★★★★

Total prep + cook time: about 45 minutes

Every since going vegan, I’ve developed an interest in baking that I never had before. Due to the fact that a majority of desserts have animal products in them, I had to resort to making my own desserts to satisfy my sweet tooth.

The first baking recipe that I tried out was a brownie recipe by hotforfood. Before I went vegan, I stumbled upon Lauren Toyota’s (one of the creators of hotforfood) YouTube Channel. My favourite video series by her is her “What I Eat in a Day” series. The reason why I love her videos so much is because she makes veganism seem fun and exciting, and a lifestyle that is actually easy to maintain. Also, her videos prove that vegans don’t just eat salads (although salads are pretty awesome), which is a common misconception that I noticed many people have when I told them that I’m going vegan for the summer. Unlike the majority of “What I Eat in a Day” type videos on YouTube, Lauren Toyota’s seem more realistic, laid back and not like she had planned her entire day of meals. From Lauren’s channel, I found the hotforfood YouTube Channel and blog, and have been trying out a lot of their amazing recipes!

First of all, this brownie recipe is seriously so delicious. I’ve never baked brownies before, and probably won’t try another one because this one is so good! The egg substitute for this recipe is a mixture of ground flax seeds or ground chia seeds (I used chia seeds) and water, that’s refrigerated for 10 minutes. While I was combining the ingredients, the chia and water mixture had the exact texture and effect that an egg would have, which was very intriguing to me. Instead of using vegan butter like the recipe suggested, I used vegan margarine since I wasn’t able to get my hands on vegan butter. Fortunately, the recipe still turned out great despite the fact that I used vegan margarine. When the brownies first came out of the oven, the texture of the brownies seemed too soft. However, I recommend refrigerating the brownies to get the perfect brownie texture; firm on the outside, nice and chewy on the inside. I give this recipe a total pass (with flying colours), and will definitely continue to use it. You should definitely try it out as well!


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